Arjun Rampal

Girls drool over him for his good looks and hot body and for the male fans he is a perfect role model. Arjun Rampal was born to Gwen and Amarjeet Rampal on November 26, 1972. He has a younger sister who is presently pursuing her studies in Tamil Nadu. Rampal, Arjun love initially was for the modeling industry where he was one of the top models. Success seemed to fall at his feet as Rohit Bal, one of the best Designers in India, picked him up at a disco and hired him as a model. As his successful career as a model was on a high ,Arjun decided to enter a new industry and Rampal, Arjun love for more popularity brought him to Bollywood.

Arjun Rampal started his movie career with his debut movie Moksha in 2001 and has been pretty selective about his movies. With his debut movie releasing after Pyaar Ishq aur Mohabbat, Rampal, Arjun love for the industry grew entitling him to more offers. Though most of his movies never did well at the box office his performance was appreciated by both the public and the critics. With the success of his movie Aankhen in 2002 he was someone the producers looked out for.

Movies were not the only interest he had. People slowly discovered that Rampal, Arjun love for charity work was something that should be applauded about. He works a lot for charity and is currently sponsoring 11 orphans in an orphanage. He has taken part in many social service campaigns and worked for the improvement of the community.

Work didn’t keep him away for his personal life. Ex-Miss India Meher Jesia soon became part of Rampal, Arjun love life and they got married. They are now proud parents of 2 daughters, Mahikaa and Myra. He always takes time off to spend time with his family and thus making him a good husband and a good father too.

Arjun wanted to take his acting interest one step higher. Rampal, Arjun love for setting up his own dream production unit was achieved when he started Chasing Ganesha Films. He then worked on his first project as producer where he acted in his own production I See You, where his wife Meher was the co-producer. This movie didn’t do too well at the box office and was considered a failure. But that doesn’t let Arjun Rampal down who is determined to dream on.

Apart from his acting the actor has found a new source of entertainment. Rampal, Arjun love for stage shows found him performing at Temptations 2004, a concert where he shared the stage with other Top Bollywood actors.

Taking a break from acting and work you’ll find Arjun only in one place and that is the streets of Mumbai. It is known that Rampal, Arjun love for fast cars and bikes is something he always had from a long time. He is quite often seen behind the wheel of his favorite cars enjoying a nice speedy ride down a highway. Talent should not be hidden and Ritupana Ghosh too agrees as he discovered a hidden talent in Arjun Rampal. Passionate not only about acting but Rampal, Arjun love for photography was what Ritupana Ghosh found hidden in the actor. Arjun Rampal has done it all. Very rarely we find people who can excel in modeling, acting, enjoying drives on fast lane, Stage shows, charity, photography, producing movies and also spend quality time with wife and children. Hope, Ramal will continue to be a great individual he is!

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