Bollywood and Lollywood Celebrities Before And After Surgery

Shahid Kapoor:


Rana Naveed-ul-Hassan (Hair Transplant)


Pakistani cricketer Rana Naveed Ul Hasan is the latest model for Dr Hamayun Mohmand’s Hair Transplant institute and it’s pretty obvious why Dr Mohmand chose him to be the model… the dude was bald as an eagle before and has a full head of hair. Awesome results!!!

Bushra Ansari: Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Bushra Ansari is one of my most favorite Pakistani Actresses. I used to watch recordings of ‘Angan Tehra’ and Fifty Fifty as a kid and loved her characters. Anyways, I was shocked when I recently saw her on TV with a very obvious “plastic surgery gone wrong” face. I believe she received a face lift and upper and lower eye lid blepharoplasty. I can’t emphasize what an awful job the plastic surgeon did on her eyes. They look slanted and weird and I am guessing she’s using that heavy eye shadow to hide her scars. I really feel bad for her, coz this is pretty much a permanent disfigurement. Any attempts to ‘correct’ this will only make it worse. That’s why I am a fan of fillers coz they aren’t permanent and a botched job won’t be on your face forever.

Sharif Brothers (Hair Transplant)

Not too long ago, the Shareef Brothers had shiny heads which they proudly flaunted in their public rallies. There were never any attempts to cover up and they both reminded you of your cute bald uncles. Fast forward ten years, a military coup and an Arab exile and they both look like an Advertisement out of a hair restoration magazine( and a bad at that!!!). All I can say is WTF dudes?? Every single Pakistani has seen your shiny heads for over TWO FREAKING DECADES so WHAT’S the point of this madness? I can’t decide whether you two look creepy or clownish or simply bad stage actors who crack lame jokes about their receding hairline…NOT COOL!!!

Saif Khan: I wanna be forever Young:

Aishwarya: Smile though your face is aching..

Noor's Nose


One minute she’ll look stunning and the other minute, she’ll look like a man in drag. Nevertheless, her decision to get a nose job was a good one, her new nose suites her face without looking outrageous.

Kangana Ranaut: Transformation

Ayesha Takia:


Mahnoor Bloch:


Manisha Lamba:


Amina Haq:

She started off with normal lips….


and then started the collagen abuse…


Bipasha Basu:


Nadia Hussain:

Nadia Hussain is probably the most worked on celebrity in Pakistan fashion industry.


Judging from these pics, Nadia has had multiple rhinoplasties to refine her broad nose, a brow lift (notice that in the bottom pics, her brow looks ridiculously lifted), Blephroplasty (her eyelids are more visible in the bottom two pictures), fillers in her chin to remove the grove seen in the upper left pic. Her face also looks very tightly pulled and expressionless, which points to a mid face lift and botox overdoze.

She used to be a natural beauty but now she looks like an evil witch from the grim brothers fairy tales.

Fatima Bhutto:

Fatima Bhutto Nose Job

Gauri Khan:



Hadiqa Kiyani's New Nose:


Latest Picture



P.S: Her implants were done by the same guy, who did Bipasha Basu’s ( who spilled the beans on her when she failed to make a payment)

Meera : Make up your mind:



Nirma :


Vaneeza Ahmad:
Vaneeza Ahmed or Vinny is Pakistan’s coolest super model. A trade mark feature of Vinny’s is her crooked nose. In a recent photo shoot with Sunday Magazine( of daily times) the nose appeared completely straight.

Reema Khan : Surgery Free:


Shilpa Shetty:

Koena Mitra Before and After Plastic Surgery:
These days, it's tough to find a Bollywood celeb who hasn't gone under the knife. Most are spoken about for their breast implants. Shilpa Shetty and Sridevi for their rhinoplasty or nose correction, and Koena Mitra for nose and lip jobs. In an interview Koena said the nose job was a gamble. Soon after surgery, her pals said how she looked better before. "I was heartbroken. I, too, didn't like what I saw in the mirror. It was depressing," she admitted. "My cheeks looked swollen. Since I was bony, it was very obvious. That's when people concluded I had done a face job."

Priyanka Chopra

Miss World Priyanka Chopra. Besides an obvious change in her makeup and the addition of coloured contact lenses (*lame because she wears them all the time and supposedly even has eye problems now because of it!*) her nose looks much, much smaller. She used to have a rather bulbous tip that was slightly off center and that looks fixed now as well as the bridge of the nose (narrower).


priyanka_chopra3 - Copy.preview

priyankachopraxp9 - Copy_0

Katrina Kaif:

katrina-kaif-004 katrina-kaif-20

(this pic looks like a mirror image of the one below, you can tell by the eyebrow/nose. The nose is slanted to the left in the pic above and to the right in the pic below but in both the nose is slanted to the brow that is less arched and lower).



I don’t know to say about Katrina Kaif She just looks different to me now, I don’t know what it is. Her jaw looks narrower, more feminine and a little bit more defined than in the before pictures. Her nose has lost the slant and has more definition in the tip which helps a GREAT deal. Not much else to say on her.. Camilla Belle and her kind of look alike. Both are cute :)

Rani Mukherjee:

post1 (1)

Rani Mukherjee, everyone’s favourite husky voiced, talented actress. She had a pretty awesome nose before but it appears narrower and more generic now. I think it makes the rest of her face look wider…her cheeks look quite big compared to her nose in the bottom right picture. Once you mess with one thing it changes the proportions and look of everything else. Lucky for her she has big eyes and big lips so it saves her proportions a little bit. She can act so I love her.. and her eyes are just amazing.. goodness.

Sri Devi:


I CANNOT BELIEVEEEEEEEE THE FIRST PIC OF HER!!! LOL WOW! Sridevi Sridevi Sridevi.. I had no idea you looked like that! Thank God for surgeons? She looks beautiful in the after pictures.

Kareena Kapoor:




Kareena Kapoor. She’s pretty dang gorgeous without makeup. Like, stunning! Anyway, I would say – nose job and jaw surgery. I think her jaw looks completely different, it’s so defined and angular now whereas before it didn’t have that strong L shape, more of a U. Re: her nose…the tip of the nose is the biggest difference. Everything else looks ok/pretty much the same

Preity Zinta:

preity_zinta_2 preity_zinta_side1

Preity Zinta !!!!!!!! Absolutely adore her, she’s such a sweetheart! Her nose looks different for sure, narrower and more defined (the usual) . She’s been rumoured to have eye surgery and a brown surgery before the shooting of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (KANK)

That’s all for now folks.. check out some interesting articles on plastic surgery in the pageant world and training for being in a pageant:

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