Shahid Kapoor

Shahid kapoor was born in Mumbai on 25 February 1981. His star sign is Aquarius and he is vegetarian. Shahid kapoor inherited acting skills from his parents .Both of his parents are actors. His father name is Pankhaj Kapoor who is a famous actor and his mother name is Neelima Aziz who is also an actress and as well as a classical dancer. When he was 3 years old his parents separated. He is a hard worker and what he has achieved today all this on his own. Shahid is a very good actor and his future is bright to be a big star.

When Shahid Kapoor came in film industry he was just 22 years old and because of his childish look he was not selected in the audition of his first film .He worked out to change his looks and after that he was signed for his first movie that was “Ishq Vishq” with Amrita Rao. Amrita Rao was also a new fellow at that time. Film was released in 2003 and it was hit movie of that year.

In 2004 he won three awards for best debut star for his first film “Ishq Vishq” (2003) in the following awards functions

  • Film Fare Award
  • Star Screen Award
  • Zeecine Award

Shahid Kapoor worked in the following films during time period from 2003 – 2007:

  • Ishq Vishq in (2003)
  • Fida in (2004)
  • Dil Mangay More in (2004)
  • Deewanay Howay Pagal in (2005)
  • Vah life ho to Aisi in (2005)
  • Shekhar in (2005)
  • Chup Chup Ke in (2006)
  • 36 China Town in (2006)
  • Vivah in (2006)
  • Fool n Final in (2007)
  • Jab We Met in (2007)

Only "Ishq Vishq", "Vivah" and "Jab We Met" were his hit movies and he was nominated for best actor for his film Shekhar in 2006 in star screen awards function and also in star screen awards for the special award of (Jodi no.1) in 2005.

Almost everyone knows that shahid kapoor and kareena kapoor had an affair, Kareena Kapoor is also an actress and daughter of a kapoor family which is very famous in bollyWood, they also worked together in many movies. They worked together in four films up till now which are "Fida", "36 China Town", "Chup Chup Ke" and "Jab We Met". But except for "Jab We Met" other films didn’t work well on the box office in which Shahid and Karena worked together.

They have very good Chemistry on screen and as well as off screen. In this year the news spread that they split but in some occasions people saw them together and they are just like the same as they were before and they still contact each other on phone. From this we came to know that all those news were rumors that were deliberately spread around for the goodwill of their very latest film "Jab We Met" which was released on Oct 26th, 20.

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