Hollywood Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery:

Hollywood Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery:

Everyone worships stars and thinks they are perfect. Some may be more attractive than the average person (and is therefore famous) but most have the help of top-shelf make-up artists, Photoshop and world-class celebrity cosmetic surgery. Celebrity cosmetic surgery is huge in Hollywood.

Courtney Love - Plastic Surgery Connoisseur

Ashlee Simpson's Very Public Nose Job

Brad Pitt - Had His Ears Pinned

Salma Hayek's Nose Job

Victoria Beckham - Not So Subtle Boob Job

Gisele Bundchen - Nice Nose Job

Cher - Fabulous at 60

Tori Spelling - Boob Job & Nose Job

Michelle Pfeiffer's Perfect Lips and Nose

Scarlett Johansson - Her New Nose And Cheeks

Kate Winslet - Nose Job?

Mariah Carey - The Boob Job

Victoria Principal - And Her Secrets

Nicolette Sheridan - Chin Implant

Catherine Zeta Jones - The Eyes Have It

Nicole Kidman - Botox Much?

Dolly Parton - Doesn't Deny Her Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers - Plastic Surgery, Through The Years

Kate Beckinsale - Denies Boob Job, Any Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore - Plastic Surgery Queen

Halle Berry - Not plastic?

Keira Knightley - A bloody nose job!

Jessica Simpson - Pouty Lips, Smaller Nose, Bigger Eyes

Paris Hilton - Can afford good work

Lara Flynn Boyle - Changes over the years

Joan Rivers - Going too plastic?

Elizabeth Hurley - an Extreme Makeover?

Priscilla Presley - Cheek Implants

Jennifer Aniston - Nose Job?

Angelina Jolie's Rhinoplasty

Natalie Portman's smaller nose

Sarah Jessica Parker - Nice nose job

Marilyn Monroe - The Beginning
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