Actress Nirma Arrested For Sexual Offense

Actress Nirma Arrested

Pakistani Film Industry is deteriorating since long, the Pakistani Actress are being involved in immoral and illegal activities. This is a suffering time for Pakistani Film Industry.

The latest news came up to media will not be less than a shock for you that one of the raid conducted by the police on a guest house few hours ago, Pakistani Film and TV actress Nirma along with other models of the fashion industry caught red handed while making sex in the private room.

The guest house is located somewhere at Sher Colony (Name of the guest house is not disclosed). When police raided on the spot the Pakistani Actress Nirma and other models were busy in the shameful acts like drinking, having sex, taking drugs etc, they were showing their sexual capabilities just for making some amount of Money.

The so called Pakistani actors, actresses,government officers,traders, and industrialists were enjoying and drinking in the party. However all the participants were belonging to the rich families of Pakistan.

According to a police official, police arrested the men and women that were present at the time of raid in the guest house. Till now, no news has been received about the release of Pakistani Actress Nirma and other participant models, nor any serious action is taken yet against them.

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