Imran Hashmi

Popularly known as the “kissing sensation” or “serial kisser” in India, Imran shot to fame with his sensuous yet provocative onscreen kisses with popular co-star Mallika Sherawat in the movie murder. Born to a Muslim father a catholic mother on 23 March 1979, Imran started his acting career with his debut movie footpath .Imran Hashmi love for movies seemed to have been genetic as he is the nephew of Mahesh Bhatt and is a cousin of actress and director Pooja Bhatt. Imran Hashmi love for numerology was proved when he changed his name by adding an extra ‘a’ to it making it Imraan.

Imran Hashmi real life was very different than his reel life image. He married his three year girl friend, Parveen Shahani at a grand ceremony in Mumbai. Imraan considers her the woman of his dreams. Imran Hashmi love life had been kept secret for three years as he didn’t like mixing up his private and personal life.

His fondness for music was seen in all his films which so happened to produce some of Bollywood’s greatest hits through the ages. Himesh Reshammiya and Kunal Ganjawala were some of the talented singers who rendered their versatile voices to most of his chart busting songs. Most his songs have even been remixed owing to their popularity.

Imraan Hashmi’s passion for acting got him some the best blockbusters like Kalyug , Zeher , Jawani diwani,etc. Imran Hashmi love scenes in murder have sure stirred a lot of controversies in India but that doesn’t stop the actor from doing so in his future films.

Love scenes and kisses have not been a bed of roses for him. In fact some tabloids even quoted him saying he was very uncomfortable during them. Imran Hashmi love scenes with Mallika Sherawat have sure got many fans watching the movie over and over again. His love making scenes seem to be getting bolder with every movie leaving the sensor board with work to do without having to disappoint his huge fan following.

Love is blind and so was Imran who is in love with his wife and is even trying to disclaim the serial kisser tag in the movie Awarapan. Recently the actor was heard in an interview saying he was to be seen in a different image in the movie .Imran Hashmi lover boy image has given a great fan following. Leaving apart his controversies he is also popular among girls because of is dressing sense as quoted in many communities in a social networking site. Imran Hashmi love for acting has got him many fans than he would have thought with the growing number of “I love Emran” communities on orkut.

His controversial love scenes in murder caused sensational news in the beginning and this set a new level for film makers who included kissing scenes in their movies which was considered a taboo earlier. Imran Hashmi love scenes in the movie helped him gain popularity even though his acting skills weren’t up to expectations.

Popularity for the young actor came with rumors which included his recent link up with Celina Jaitley but soon they were put to rest with the engagement of Imran and Parveen. Imraan was quoted saying the rumours of his fling with Celina acted as a catalyst for him to pop the question to Parveen. Imran Hashmi love for starting rumours has been an undisclosed secret. He is said to get a kick out of starting rumours .Friends played a very vital role in his life Imran Hashmi love for them is pretty evident as he still maintains close friendship with his childhood pals who are from a non filmy background.

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