Sunil Shetty

Sunil Shetty or Suniel Shetty ? Both are same. It is the effect of numerology. Born on Aug 11, 1961 in Mangalore, Karnataka, Sunil Shetty changed his name to Suniel Shetty, hoping that his bollywood fortunes will change. Though he is a successful business man, Shetty, Sunil love for acting in Bollywood movies, brought him to Hindi films, rather than his native state’s Kannada films. He is known as ‘Anna’ in the film industry and Shetty, Sunil love for helping others is widely appreciated.

It is a bit surprising to realize that Sunil Shetty managed to enter film industry in his thirties and then went on to make an impression. Shetty, Sunil love for filmcareer started with his debut film Balwaan in 1992.

Sunil managed to act in three movies each in 1993 and 1994. His impressive performance as Vijay Saxena in Anth (1992) got him some recognision. However,with his double role performance in Gopi Kishan, Shetty, Sunil love for comic roles seem to have begun. Two other movies Mohra and Dilwale did well for him in 1994. After 1995, he started getting lot of offers. He has acted in more than 90 movies till date.

While Shetty, Sunil love for action movies is well known. He has no inibitions of acting with other great action heroes like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar etc. His Kaante,Fight club, Shootout at Lokhandwala were all of action.

Sunil proved that he is capable of playing serious roles and had even acted in a negative role as Dev in Dhadkan in 2001. This brilliant performance got him Best villain award. After this Shetty, Sunil love for some negative roles seem to have made him experiment with more negative roles.

No one would have thought that a muscular man like Sunil Shetty would act in comic roles. Shetty, Sunil love for comedy shows itself in his movies like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri etc, where comedy just flows.

Actors in movie industry are prone for may controversies and rumors. However, Sunil shetty managed to stay away from controversies with his heroines and other female actors. Media knows Shetty, Sunil love for his family and he is one actor who would not act on Sundays.

While many bollywood actors are invited to meet soldiers through a popular TV channel to have interaction with the armed forced and to provide some entertainment, Shetty, Sunil love for Soldiers is taking its shape through a boarding school for the children of soldiers. He is not only an action hero and his actions also talk.

Sunil Shetty is also a successful businessman. Why not, with a family background of restauranteurs. He seems to own some hotels and a clothing boutique. He has also launched a company called Popcorn Entertainment, to promote bollywood actors touring abroad for some stage shows and/or concerts. This venture seems to be in trouble as Shetty, Sunil love for work seem to be more than the money and others seem to be taking him for a ride. When he does not get money from the promoters, Sunil may find it difficult to pay the actors participating in the shows. Urmila Matondkar was not happy with Sunil Shetty as her payment was not done in time for a stage show done.

Suni Shetty as a friend is available for his friends anytime. This Anna seems to be a best friend of Sanjay Dutt , Akshay Kumar etc. Shetty, Sunil love for friends is known as he rallies behind them when they need him the most.

Shetty, Sunil love for imported cars landed him in trouble once. He purchased a Hummar from some one. It appears that the person who imported the vehicle had not paid the correct Import duties. And when the actor, bought the vehicle, the enforcement directorate asked Suni Shetty for an explaination. However, Shetty, Sunil love for the rules made him offer to pay the difffeence in payments and close the case without any embarrassment.

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